Symptom Management

Healthy individuals that do not experience symptoms of CMV do not need medical treatment. Those that experience mild symptoms are able to treat the symptoms (sore throat, fever, etc.) individually as other common viral infections are treated.

At the current time, there is no drug approved to treat congenital CMV. However, pediatricians asses and treat children born with the infection according to the symptoms they experience. The brain damage, hearing loss, and other severe problems associated with congenital CMV are irreversible, but the damage can be managed, just like all disabilities.


Current research has produced a few potential, but unapproved, vaccines to prevent CMV, including some that contain live, weakened strains of the virus, and others that just contain small pieces of the virus. Though CMV is common, it has the potential of producing seriously harmful effects on the afflicted individual. Therefore, finding a CMV vaccine has been given very high priority because of the life-saving and disability-reducing possibilities, especially in newborns.